25 Reasons Why You Should Publish
a Company Newsletter

1. Greatly enhance your company's reputation

2. Are the most effective, most attractive way of getting your message to your current and potential clients.

3. Provide valuable information about your business and your services.

4. Are relevant, timely and welcome, and remind your clients that you are concerned about their interests.

5. Re-state the benefits your clients receive by doing business with you.

6. Are a very dignified, subtle way to promote your business.

7. Present a professional, winning image to current and potential clients.

8. Demonstrate the permanence, reliability and consistency of your company.

9. Display your willingness to serve others.

10. Reward clients by featuring stories about them.

11. Are a good way to introduce new staff, services and products to employees and current and potential clients.

12. Say something good about your company on a regular and frequent basis.

13. Give your company added exposure, thereby increasing your chances for new business.

14. Are not canned and impersonal like junk mail.

15. Are a welcome handout at meetings and seminars.

16. Present your company in the best possible light to employees.

17. Educate your employees in a non-threatening way.

18. Improve relations within your company.

19. Motivate employees by rewarding them for achievements, such as perfect attendance
and employee of the month.

20. Feature employee activities both on and off the job, promoting a happy atmosphere.

21. Give your company an opportunity to find out what employees want to know via Question & Answer columns.

22. Let your employees know what's going on in other departments.

23. Promote camaraderie among employees.

24. Showcase awards that a company, or individual, has won.

25. Are a great way to present informal news about your employees.



Happy employees and satisfied customers convey that message to their friends and business associates, and that presents a good image for your company. Because newsletters generally are read by many more people than just those who initially receive them, your good image will be widespread. A high-quality newsletter is an effective marketing tool that provides valuable information to the readers and builds a long-lasting relationship.


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