Components Needed to Produce
a Quality Newsletter

A skilled writer is well versed in the interviewing techniques necessary to pursue the unique angle of every story. A writer working on a newsletter deadline must have the ability to grasp the essence of a story, write succinctly and write on time. Then, the writer must be able to re-write, change the layout (if necessary) and produce the newsletter to meet the deadline.

The Newsletter Guy - Company newsletter design services, including tips for writing and designing marketing, customer, and employee newsletters.
The Newsletter Guy - Company newsletter design services, including tips for writing and designing marketing, customer, and employee newsletters.

Once the writing is done, it is critical to design the newsletter in an attractive, easy-to-read manner. The best writing will be wasted with a poor design. It is one thing to have a page layout/design program, and quite another to have the creativity to be able to manipulate it to produce a winning design.

A well-written, attractively designed newsletter can be sabotaged by poor photography. Polaroids and Instamatics are often the rule for internally produced company newsletters. Un-scanned photos, printed using old techniques, often appear washed out.

Many times you will have special artwork requirements — a logo design, a specific graphic needed to illustrate a story, or a corporate identity. You will need the services of a specially trained graphics person who understands not only concepts,
but the use of sophisticated graphic design computer programs.

When you are finished with the layout, how will you get it from your computer to the printed page? The middle step in the process is the pre-press service bureau. These are the people who take your disk or camera ready artwork and produce the film of your newsletter pages for the printer.

Do you want a quick-printed or fine commercially printed newsletter? Will you be using a printer with a one-color, two-color or four-color press? What kind of paper do you want? How many colors? How much will it cost? Will your printer do a good job, on time, and at the quoted price?

Is your mailing list in zip code order? Do you have a reliable mailing house which will get your newsletter out immediately, rather than letting it sit for several days? A good mailing house will provide you with complete services — affix labels and sort, prepare U.S. Postal Service paperwork for your mailing, deliver to the post office — for a reasonable cost.

Remember that. The Newsletter Guy

Handles the writing, editing, design and photography tasks for your company, and maintains relationships with experienced graphic artists, pre-press service bureaus, printers and mailing houses.

Saves you time and money, produces a quality publication every time, and gets it to your target audience on time.


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