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Just tell us your objectives and ideas and you'll see your thoughts transformed into a handsome newsletter.

Newsletter Publishing
We handle the interviewing, writing, editing, typesetting, layout, design, photography, pre-press and printing. We guarantee crisp writing, quality graphics and design and punctual delivery.

Some of our clients prefer to write their own copy and/or take their own photos. We will take your words and pictures and give you an attractively designed, first-rate newsletter which will enhance your company's image and ensure readership.

The Newsletter Guy has been in the newsletter publishing business since 1981. We have written, designed and published more than 1,600 newsletters for companies in a wide variety of industries, from defense contractors to mortuaries, from banks to auto repair shops, from oil refineries to investment firms.

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The Newsletter Guy

Publishing a quality newsletter on your own takes a lot of time and talent.

We work with your assigned staff person to turn out news, company history, employee/client profiles, project success stories, new company policies and procedures, announcements, humorous fillers and any other information you would like to convey to your employees or your clients.

We ensure that all content is approved and meets your objectives.

For continuity, we put you on a regular publishing schedule. Based on this, we can schedule meetings, establish deadlines and set the dates when you will receive publication proofs and the finished newsletter.

Advantages of Using a Newsletter Production Service

We have complete newsletter writing and design skills to easily produce an excellent publication.

We save your employees from working on projects not related to their “real” jobs.

We have more than 20 years of newsletter design and publishing experience and we always meet our deadlines. This frequently does not happen with internally produced newsletters.

We have already mastered the newsletter design programs that can take hundreds of hours for a staff person to master.

Our photography experience ensures quality images and reproduction.

We already have the newsletter design hardware and software to produce your publication in our office. You don't need to worry about investing in and keeping up with the technology.

We have a large quantity and variety of typefaces for every business look and message. Our extensive clip art library provides a wide choice of illustrations for any article.

Our good working relationships with outside vendors ensures quality printing, on time and on budget.

Having one professional handle all aspects of the newsletter writing, design and production process provides you with peace of mind.

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