Bob Dron Harley-Davidson

Open Road
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"Jeff is always responsive to our needs. He doesn't dominate the newsletter with his ideas and opinions; he gives us his advice, but lets us determine the content and the direction of the newsletter.

"He takes care of everything - he's a one-stop shop. Because of this we don't have have to spend a lot of time on our newsletter.

"He's flexible...he adjusts our publishing schedule to accommodate our special events and shows an always gives us enough time to promote these events to our customers through the newsletter.

"He has lots of contacts in his industry, and he's found other people for us, such as the graphic artist we use for our ads and the mailing house we use for all of our printed materials.

"He takes on other little odd jobs that we don't have time to do, such as a quarterly post card we send to our customers, and just gets them done."

Bob Gilbert
General Manager
Bob Dron Harley-Davidson