Christian Church Foundation
For The Handicapped

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“The theory of 'outsourcing' has always been something I avoided at work, taking on all the possible tasks I could handle. Over the years it became more than I could handle and I began seeking ways to make my job easier.

“When it came to the newsletter, I needed not only someone reliable, but also someone who understood our mission and knew how to bring it all together.

“Jeff has exceeded my expectations. He takes the time to understand the organization as a whole and therefore can make the entire newsletter flow and state our purpose. He keeps me on track - two steps ahead rather than lagging behind and publishing a last-minute document.

“Working with Jeff is easy, fun, and rewarding. We have a wonderful working relationship, but it goes a step beyond - he takes the time to get to know the people who put their trust in him.

“Now if only he did payroll, technical support, and fundraising...”

Rachel Pierson
Christian Church Foundation
for the Handicapped