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People all over the United States are celebrating the new holiday, National Punctuation Day®, which is listed in Chase's Calendar of Events as a celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotes, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons and the ever mysterious ellipsis.

Jeff Rubin, The Newsletter Guy, founded the holiday in 2004 to draw attention to the importance of proper punctuation in the development of good writing and communication skills for students and adults.

Click here to visit the National Punctuation Day® website.


Action Plan Marketing: Marketing expert Robert Middleton provides marketing consulting and coaching services to service businesses. He offers planning, design and writing services designed to help his customers find new clients.

Chiarolla Communications: Graphic design/marketing specialist Elizabeth Chiarolla has 20 years of experience combining cutting-edge marketing concepts with innovative designs, developing on-target media that gets noticed. Liz guarantees tangible results that will win you business. Her satisfied clients include Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Broderbund Software, and, of course, The Newsletter Guy.

Linda Rimac Colberg: Linda is a writer who helps business professionals and companies promote their products and services and recognize their employees. She writes and proofreads copy for marketing, public relations and employee communications. Jeff Rubin, The Newsletter Guy, has used Linda for many years as a newsletter copywriter and publicist.

Placemaking Group: Placemaking Group is a full-service PR, Web/SEO, and marketing communications firm, with special expertise in the areas of land use and travel. Placemaking Group’s job is to position your destination, city, office building, product, service or idea, communicate what sets it apart, and inspire the right people to take the right action. Marketing that puts you on the map! Principal Dennis Erokan brings some 30 years of marketing strategy, including BAM and MicroTimes Magazine and the Bay Area Music Awards—the Bammies, to Placemaking Group. He is a lead strategist in the development of big ideas and is always available should any client need his help.

Craig Harrison: Motivational speaker, corporate trainer, communication coach. Craig speaks on communication skills, success and customer service. His popular presentations include “Your 16-Second Success: Riding Your Elevator Speech!” “Take the Chill Out of Cold Calls,” “Handling Difficult Questions & Questioners,” “Speak Up...Speak Out: Assertiveness Skills,” and “Holding Serve: The Role of Service in Customer Retention.” Craig is past president of the National Speakers Association, Northern California Chapter.

Get Clients Now!: by C.J. Hayden, is...a book for consultants, professionals, and anyone marketing a service business; a free monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on how to get clients; a powerful system for working alone, with a coach, or with a group, to get more business.

Business Point Impressions: Business Point Impressions is an affordable commercial printer and mailing company that prints many of the newsletters designed by The Newsletter Guy. BPI offers everything from full-color printing for trade show collateral and short- run black copies for meeting announcements, agendas, and training materials. BPI can print in full color, cut, fold, and mail 5,000 pieces in one day. BPI gets The Newsletter Guy's hearty endorsement.

Bob Treadway: Bob is an internationally recognized futurist who delivers clear, actionable forecasts of business environments for the next decade. His presentations focus on innovation impact, timeline thinking, competition, and business strategies necessary to thrive in uncertainty. He also facilitates strategic plans for some of North America’s most innovative companies. His clients include Gillette, American Express, Berkshire Hathaway, United Airlines, the Principal Financial Group, Quaker Oats, Pfizer, El Paso Energy, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Roger C. Parker: Words of design, presentation and writing wisdom from the author of Looking Good In Print and Design for Dummies. Great resources on this site.

Dori Kaplan: An accomplished Spanish translator with extensive experience developing advertising and educational materials for both the general and the Hispanic markets, Dori is bilingual and bicultural and has used her Spanish language skills as the basis for her career. She provides culturally relevant translations and adaptations of materials in the appropriate language level for readers’ literacy levels. Dori has written and/or produced television and radio commercials, as well as large public-service projects in Spanish. And, she has worked extensively teaching medical Spanish terminology and editing a variety of materials for Spanish speakers. Her clients include many highly valued companies in the Bay Area and across the country.

Sandra Shepard, Esq.: What if you liked — and could afford — your lawyer? Sandy Shepard at Good Solutions™ is personable, affordable, and practices SWATlaw™ — she gets in, gets the job done, and gets out — you get the benefits.

Erin Flynn: Erin offers writing, editing and publicity services. She secures article placements in magazines and newspapers, and books radio and television interviews for experts and authors.

U.S. Newspapers: Links to more than 3,300 United States newspapers.


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