Tailor Your Newsletter to Your Readers

By Jeff Rubin
The Newsletter Guy

A major mistake companies make with their newsletters is misjudging their readers.

You wouldn't send a newsletter full of information about your employees to your customers. And you wouldn't send a newsletter about business issues to your employees.

Or would you?

Knowing what articles to put in a newsletter is crucial to its success. Don't send the same newsletter to employees AND customers. Here are some general guidelines about content:

Your employees want information about (1) company issues and news that affects them and (2) other people in their company.

Your customers want (1) information about new services and products that will make their companies more efficient and (2) information which tells them how to make their businesses more profitable. Get the mix right — and design it attractively — and you'll have a successful newsletter.


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Jeff Rubin, a former newspaper reporter and editor and instructor at The Learning Annex in San Francisco, is The Newsletter Guy, owner of the Pinole, California-based newsletter publishing firm of the same name (www.thenewsletterguy.com). He's written and designed more than 1,600 company newsletters since starting his business in 1981. He may be reached via e-mail at jeff@TheNewsletterGuy.com or by phone at (510) 724-9507.


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