Planning Essential for Successful Newsletters

By Jeff Rubin
The Newsletter Guy

One of the recurring problems companies have in putting together a newsletter is lack of organization.

Frequently, the task of writing and designing the newsletter is assigned to an already overworked employee with no expertise and even less interest.

Consistently publishing a good newsletter — on time, every time — requires a commitment from your top management and a committee of people with specific assignments.
Use these tips to help you with planning your newsletter:

Draft a publishing schedule for the entire year, showing meeting times, copy deadlines and publish dates for each issue of your newsletter.

Have a one-hour meeting with your committee before each issue to plan all articles and artwork needed and to delegate assignments.

Make changes to your proof only once, or you won't get it out on time.

Find a printer who understands what you're trying to accomplish with your newsletter and is willing to help you learn how to improve it.



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