Use Your Newsletter to Inform, Not Sell

By Jeff Rubin
The Newsletter Guy

Everybody is selling something. A few weeks ago I got a call from someone I didn't know; he left only his name and phone number. I thought he was responding to one of my ads. It turned out he was a stock broker wanting to sell me the “stock of the month” his firm was pushing.

Now why would I buy an investment product over the phone from someone I don't know?

Why would one of your potential customers buy what you're selling if you first haven't established a relationship?

The trend in these downsizing times is to develop relationships with your current and potential customers.

You can achieve this with your company's marketing newsletter by including articles that educate and inform, rather than sell.

Your recipients will appreciate your willingness to share useful information— and you will take a big step toward establishing long-term relationships with people who may give you business for many years.


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